New Construction

The builder has a sales agent who works for them. I will work for you! Let me walk through the process of finding and buying an amazing new home.

Is new construction a good option for you?

Well hello,

In 2022 I relocated with my family to Suwanee, Georgia. As you can imagine it is quite different from Chicago! One of the main differences is that there are many more opportunities for NEW construction homes!

Back in 2005 when I bought my first home, it was a new construction home in Sacramento and quite a bit has changed in the last 17 years. Some of the benefits are still the same though.

  • Lower maintenance costs. This may seem obvious but when you buy a new home everything in the home is NEW. When you buy a preowned home, you may need to invest in maintaining the home right after you purchase it.

  • Move-in-ready. When you get to the closing table it is super exciting! It is even more exciting if you can get the keys and move right in. In a resale home, you may need to take care of repairs and maintenance before you move in.

  • New Home Warranty- Many builders offer a new home warranty to cover the cost of issues that may come up during the warranty period. This can give peace of mind that even if issues arise they will be covered.

In this section of my website you will find more about the pros and cons of new construction. I will also share some information I learn about local builders.

If you are interested in a new construction home in Gwinnett County, send me an email or set up a free consultation today.

As always, I am your go-to resource for all things real estate.