Trusting the details to come together

Trusting the Details to Come Together

August 2022

Well we did it (again). We relocated from Chicago to Atlanta last month! The dust has not fully settled and there are still boxes in our house but I need to tell you the truth. I did not follow a neat relocation system. I DID follow the relocation plan that worked best for our family. We decided several months ago that we were moving close to Atlanta but it took us some time to figure out our criteria. These were our top 4 criteria:

  1. We wanted a location with a highly rated school system (we used Niche, Great Schools and talked to friends and associates to learn more).

  2. We wanted to find a place no more than an hour away from Atlanta for important business connections and airport access.

  3. We needed a home within our budget that had at least 4 bedrooms and an office (hello kids, cat, working from home!)

  4. We wanted an area that has great real estate opportunities, especially with new builds and opportunities for real estate investors.

With these 4 criteria we decided on an area about a month before moving.

Your criteria could be totally different from ours but it is very important to know your priorities when you are moving. What are your must haves?

With the shifting real estate market we decided that we would rent a house for a year as we learn the area. This could be a good decision for you as well unless you are confident that you are ready to buy or you are buying in an area where you can turn that home into a nice future investment property. Do what works for you.

Here’s the part that took some FAITH. These are the details that came together….there are others that we are still working on.

  1. We did not solidify a rental home before we moved out so we packed our stuff into a pod, sent it to storage and moved into an Atlanta hotel temporarily while we searched for a home. The benefit of doing this was we were on the ground able to view homes and apply instantly. Thankfully we were able to find a home that fit our criteria within a week. Honestly we did the same thing when we moved from California to Chicago.

  2. Transferring our 3 kids to new schools was a lot of work!! Schools in our new neighborhood start the first week of August so we had a lot of work to do to get our kids' information transferred here so they could start on time.

  3. Before we left Illinois I went ahead and got my GA real estate license activated but now I am working to build up networks and connections here. Part of the process is meeting people, learning the neighborhood and following the market so this part of the work is ongoing.

I am sharing the first part of our journey to let you know that if you are considering a relocation, you do need to figure out some details but others will come together as you start your journey! Yes, there is the unexpected, exhaustion and upfront costs but we have found that the adventure is worth it! If you are considering a move, email me and we can talk more about it.